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Van Gogh, Gauguin, C?zanne, and Beyond. Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Mus?e d’Orsay

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Производитель: изд. Prestel
Артикул производителя:
Страна: Великобритания
Вес: 0 гр.
Автор: Guy Cogeval, Sylvie Patry, St?phane Gu?gan
Язык издания: Английский
Издательство: Prestel
Год издания: 2011
Количество страниц: 256
Формат: 290х255
Тип обложки: твердый
Количество иллюстраций: 163
"In this book beloved examples of Post-Impressionism from one of the world’s premier art museums provide a splendid overview of innovations ushered in by the popular movement. Representing a pivotal moment in the history of European art, the Post-Impressionists created some of the most recognizable and stylistically inventive paintings of the modern era. Published to accompany a major exhibition, this book presents over one hundred celebrated paintings from the unparalleled collection of Paris’s Mus?e d’Orsay. Focusing on the decades around 1900, this publication presents late Impressionist landmarks by Monet and Renoir_RT_ early modern masterpieces by C?zanne, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Van Gogh_RT_ and avant-garde canvases by the Nabis painters Denis, Bonnard, and Vuillard. The volume also provides a unique look at the Mus?e d’Orsay’s outstanding collection of Pointillism, including works by artists such as Seurat and Signac. Together these works offer a fresh assessment of seismic transitions in the European art world at the turn of the twentieth century that ushered in the birth of modern painting and produced lasting treasures of its own. In the American Association of Museums (AAM) Design Competition 2011 ""Van Gogh, Gauguin, C?zanne and Beyond"" won a Honorable Mention."
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