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David Spero: Churches

изд. Steidl

The churches in this book reflect a wide and diverse range of denominations and sects that form what is often referred to as the ‘charismatic evangelical movement’. Materially and architecturally the buildings display an almost protestant ascetism quite in keeping with a spiritualist church movement


Fallingwater Aid

изд. Phaidon

The Architecture in Detail series comprises books that focus on individual buildings noted for their exceptional character, innovative design or technical virtuosity. Each volume contains a text by a respected author, a sequence of colour and black-and-white photographs and a set of technical drawin


Архитектор Вегман

изд. Студия Уткина


Архитектурные конструкции малоэтажных зданий. Сымоева

изд. Архитектура-С

История русской архитектуры. Пилявский

изд. Архитектура-С

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