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Access for All Approaches to the Built Environment

изд. Taschen

Anselm Kiefer Himmelspalaste Heavenly Palaces

изд. Taschen

Audrey Style

изд. Taschen

Baroque Baroque: The Culture of Excess

изд. Phaidon

Now available for the first time in paperback, this extraordinary book examines the 'culture of excess' in all its twentieth-century manifestations. Fashion, film, photography, design and interior decoration - all feature in Stephen Calloway's meticulous coverage of the colourful, the opulent and th

Bloomsbury Portraits

изд. Phaidon

Few groups of artists and writers have been the object of as much study as the Bloomsbury group. This book, originally published in 1976, was the first to look at the contribution of the painters of the group, Vanessa Bell (1879-1961) and Duncan Grant (1885-1978), not only within the context of Bloo

Body Art: Люди в красках. Антология русского боди-арта

изд. Ниола 21 век

Потребность раскрасить свое тело, долгое время подавляемая цивилизацией, дремала в человеческих душах на протяжении многих веков. Сегодня она вырвалась наружу и реализуется современными художественными средствами, находя спрос в рекламе и шоу-бизнесе, в театре и кино, в масс-медиа и обычной жизни. О

Bookwork Medium to object to concept to art

изд. Yale


изд. British Museum Press

Fascinating insights into various aspects of Britain, including little-known facts about its landscapes and architecture, its inhabitants and their activities, and the artists who have documented its rich history. Illustrations include works by artists such as John Constable, John Sell Cotman, Thoma

Candida H?fer. A Monograph

изд. Thames&Hudson

This is the most complete volume available on one of the outstanding representatives of new German photography. Ever since embarking on her first photographic projects in the early 1970s, Candida H?fer has been primarily interested in what could best be termed public space – interiors, such as libra

Charles Biederman

изд. Yale

Charlotte Posenenske 1930 - 1985

изд. Hatje Cantz

In the sixties, the German artist Charlotte Posenenske (1930–1985) produced groundbreaking sculptures and reliefs: they are in part accessible, arbitrarily reproducible, freely positionable in space, and made from industrial paints as well as “needy” materials, such as pressboard, corrugated cardboa

Christian Marclay: Festival Issues 1-3 (3 books)

изд. Yale

Collecting Modern – Design at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Since 1876

изд. Yale

Damien Hirst, Void

изд. Taschen

Debating American Modernism. Stieglitz, Duchamp and the New York Avant-garde

изд. D.A.P.

When Duchamp moved from Paris to New York in 1915, he was disappointed by the predominantly nature-based abstraction he observed, publicly proclaiming that American artists were too dependent on outmoded European traditions and had overlooked their greatest subjects -- the skyscraper and the machine

Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jose Clemente Orozco

изд. The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Dieter Roth Work Tables & Tischmatten

изд. Yale

Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism. Arcadia and Anarchy

изд. Guggenheim

This beautifully designed exhibition catalogue explores the optically vibrant paintings of the late nineteenth-century Italian Divisionists, examining, for the first time, their relationship to Neo-Impressionism. Artists from both movements subscribed to a painting technique rooted in color theory_R

Donald Judo

изд. Yale

Douglas Gordon

изд. MIT Press

"This volume examines the innovative work of 34-year-old Scottish artist Douglas Gordon. Gordon is perhaps best known for installations that feature classic films by directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, and Martin Scorsese. In each of these works the original film has been manipulated

Experimental Arts in postwar Japan

изд. Yale

Fairy Art Studio. All the Clip Art You Need to Create a Magical World

изд. ILEX

"Throughout the world, fairies have been vibrant figures in folklore and our imaginations for centuries, and have peopled the worlds greatest literature and art. Now, ""Fairy Art Studio"" gives artists and their imaginations a free rein to create enchanting worlds, complete with fairies, elves, pixi

Fierce friends: Artists and Animals, 1750-1900

изд. Mercatorfonds

Fierce Friends tells the story of mankind's relationship with the animal kingdom as depicted in art from the mid-eighteenth to the early twentieth century. Featuring works by Audubon, Stubbs, Van Gogh and many others, it is the first book about the portrayal of animals to take into account the lates

Furniture. A Concise History

изд. Thames&Hudson

In this illuminating history, text and illustrations combine to offer a view of furniture not as a succession of collectors’ pieces, but as a statement about the society that created it. Edward Lucie-Smith offers insights into almost every period, from the prehistoric to the postmodern – from Neolit

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