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Exhbition Design

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Производитель: изд. Laurence King
Артикул производителя:
Страна: Великобритания
Вес: 0 гр.
Автор: Philip Hughes
Название серии: Portfolio
Язык издания: Английский
Издательство: Laurence King
Год издания: 2010
Количество страниц: 224
Формат: 215x256
Тип обложки: мягкий
Количество иллюстраций: 296
Exhibition Design offers a thorough grounding in the principles of designing for exhibitions. It describesthe skills needed to become an exhibition designer, including: - Developing a brief and working with clients- Design principles for graphics, circulation, lighting, and accessibility- Presenting ideas to clients- The practicalities of productionVisual material includes photographs of completed exhibitions by world-renowned designers, concept drawings, computer renderings, charts, and tables of information--all for a wide range of exhibitions around the world, permanent and temporary, including museums and galleries, visitor centers, brand experiences, festivals, and trade fairs. The book will inform and inspire, as well as equip students and new exhibition designers with a valuable guide to the profession.
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Exhbition Design

изд. Laurence King

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