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Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery: The Complete Coloured Plates of 1831-1854

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Производитель: изд. Taschen
Артикул производителя: 3863
Страна: Германия
Вес: 0 гр.
Автор: Jean-Marie Le Minor, Henri Sick
Язык издания: Английский
Издательство: Taschen
Год издания: 2008
Количество страниц: 554
Формат: 265x372
Тип обложки: твердый
"We owe a great debt to Jean Baptiste Marc Bourgery (1797-1849) for his ""Atlas of Anatomy"", which was not only a massive event in medical history, but also remains one of the most comprehensive and beautifully illustrated anatomical treatises ever published in any language. In 1830, having received his doctorate in medicine three years prior, Bourgery began work on his magnificent atlas in cooperation with illustrator Nicolas Henri Jacob (1782-1871). The first volumes were published the following year, but completion of the treatise required nearly two decades of dedication.The four parts of Bourgery's treatise cover descriptive anatomy, surgical anatomy and techniques, general anatomy and embryology, and microscopic anatomy. Jacob's spectacular hand-colored, life-size lithographs are remarkable for their clarity, color, and aesthetic appeal, reflecting a combination of direct laboratory observation and illustrative research_RT_ the images are to this day unsurpassed in anatomical illustration. About the Author: Jean-Marie Le Minor qualified as a doctor of medicine (MD) in Paris in 1989, having already gained a PhD in Paris in 1987. He has been assistant professor of anatomy at the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg since 1990, radiologist at the University Hospitals in Strasbourg, member of the governing board of the Societe Francaise d'Histoire de la Medecine, Laureat of the Academie Nationale de Medecine (Paris, 2003), and officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (French Ministry of Culture). "
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